Client Work

Case Study

During the course of our engagement with World Food Program USA (WFP USA), Scott Circle has provided a variety of communications services, including responding to breaking news, raising executive profiles, and developing general communications strategy and messaging.

By responding thoughtfully to breaking news to leveraging existing relationships with the media, Scott Circle has been successful in raising the profile of WFP USA and its senior leadership. From issuing emergency calls to action in response to the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 to promoting new digital technologies that further WFP USA’s mission, we constantly look for opportunities to highlight our clients’ critical work. Scott Circle has secured meaningful speaking engagements, arranged high-profile interviews with national outlets and placed op-eds with outlets such as U.S. News & World Report. By highlighting their expertise in the field, we were able to position WFP USA as international policy and thought leaders. Additionally, we conducted media trainings to prepare WFP USA spokespeople for press interviews and outlined talking points and strategies to best communicate their message. In these tumultuous times, WFP USA successfully fought for and secured government funding for global food assistance programs, due in part to senior leadership and the profile-raising tactics Scott Circle implemented.

In 2017 Scott Circle worked with WFP USA to help raise funds for their crowd-sourced Million Meals for Love campaign through ShareTheMeal, the world’s first smartphone app designed to help solve global hunger. In a first for WFP USA and ShareTheMeal, the 30-day campaign was launched by an engaged couple who wanted to give back in lieu of spending money on a traditional wedding. Scott Circle managed the communications and media outreach for this campaign, securing a feature in The New York Times that reached more than 24 million people, as well as local TV and radio interviews and notable mentions on social media from celebrities and wedding publications. The campaign brought higher than average individual donations, growing new U.S. users for the app and raising brand awareness – and money – for ShareTheMeal and WFP USA.