Client Work

Case Study

Scott Circle was contracted to implement and manage a public relations strategy for the grand opening of Springfield Town Center (Springfield, Va.), a redesigned shopping complex.

Scott Circle’s encouraged media to write about the grand opening to increase attendance, pitch reporters to attend and write about the VIP opening reception, as well as manage press on site at each event.

Through targeted, aggressive media outreach and working closely with the marketing team at Springfield Town Center, the grand opening was attended by over 1,000 community members. Additionally, the opening resulted in over 100 press articles, as well as attendance and coverage by all the local TV outlets of the event – including some outlets sending helicopters to get video footage of the large crowds.  And, when it was time to bring attention to Springfield Town Center during the holiday shopping season, our team was able to secure two local TV outlets and FOX News to broadcast throughout the day to capture the mood and trends of this high-revenue time for retail outlets.