Client Work

Case Study

Scott Circle was called upon by Facing Addiction, a brand new non-profit organization, to help them announce their newly formed organization and promote the first ever UNITE to Face Addiction Rally on the National Mall, aimed at raising awareness about the addiction crisis in the United States. 

Scott Circle immediately hit the ground running and developed a comprehensive communications strategy to secure local and national media coverage. In addition to our own outreach, we also assisted several of Facing Addiction’s 700+ partner organizations in drafting various press materials to ensure consistent media messaging throughout the course of the campaign. Overall, Scott Circle helped secure over 800 earned media placements.

Over 90 members of the media attended the rally and Scott Circle developed an in-depth interview schedule to accommodate each request. We coordinated with the production team in advance to ensure that all on-site media needs were met for pencil/print press and cameras. We made sure there was power, wi-fi and appropriate equipment, and advised on an entrance route and press riser location. We also coordinated a separate interview space backstage with power, lighting and a backdrop for interviews. Scott Circle staff was on hand throughout the day to ensure sure all press needs were met. As a result of Scott Circle’s work, an estimated audience of over 91 million were reached through our PR outreach and secured media placements.