Client Work

Case Study

Scott Circle was tasked with boosting the profile of Earth Day Network’s (EDN) leadership team and raising awareness and driving attendance to the 2017 Earth Day March for Science Rally event on the National Mall.

The event featured educational programming hosted by various environmental groups, guest speakers including high-profile philanthropists, as well as celebrity guests and musical performers. Given April 22, 2017 also marked the first anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, Scott Circle worked with EDN to recognize the timeliness and importance of EDN’s work as the largest recruiter to the environmental movement. With Earth Day serving as the largest civic observance in the world, Scott Circle brought attention to EDN’s efforts to mobilize concerned citizens and helped to promote this year’s theme of climate and environmental science literacy.

Throughout the month leading up to Earth Day, Scott Circle provided on-going communications strategy to members of EDN’s team as well as several partner organizations to ensure that any public messaging (through official press releases, social media language, interview talking points etc.) was consistent across the board.

As part of our media outreach efforts, we ensured the Earth Day March for Science Rally was included in calendar listings and weekend guides of things to do to help boost attendance for the event. We also reached out to programming contacts at various television, radio, and online platforms to offer broadcast footage of the live event to stream, to help Earth Day Network reach the largest audience possible.

Scott Circle’s team advised on the press credential approval process, given only a limited number of media would be permitted at the event site. The team was also available on site the day of the event to manage media logistics and facilitate interviews with EDN leadership, leadership from partner organizations, and other high-profile guests and speakers in attendance.

As a result of Scott Circle’s overall media outreach efforts, Earth Day Network and the Earth Day March for Science Rally were featured in wide range of local DC and national media including The New York Times, Associated Press, PBS Newshour, The Washington Post, Mental Floss, Fast Company, PRI’s Living on Earth, and even a live on-site broadcast segment with MSNBC.